We have very advanced technology to process SMD jobs. We have the Global exposure of SMD. Our operators are trained to handle all types of SMD jobs having fine pitch , BGA, QFPN, etc. Our machines are capable of handling very small SMD jobs having package size of 0402 etc. Our PCB assembly process ensures the best quality of finished

GENUS has world-class manufacturing facilities to provide our clients with full solutions for their products and production needs. With scrutinized systems for batch production and component traceability, In-Line set-up for high volume Automotive and Industrial jobs.


Hi-Tech SMD facility are as below :-

  • Having various types of Pick & Place Machines which can handle all type of SMD jobs.
  • AOI for better inspection system.
  • All types of Basic equipment like Solder Paste Softener, Reflow Profiler etc for better results.
  • Special Support for SMT prototype jobs on an automated process.
  • In-Line set-up for high volume Automotive and Industrial jobs.
  • Provision to run all Pick & Place Machines on standalone operations for various jobs at one time.

MI Line Facility :-

  • Wave Soldering Machine – From OLS, WS-350TOP-LF.
  • Auto MI Line and Belt Conveyor for PCB Ccompletion.
  • Dedicated Environment for Flexibility and Control of Specialized Industry Specifications.
  • Automatic Component Preforming Machines.
  • Temperature Controlled Soldering Stations.
  • Automatic Test JIG using for Manufacturing Facility.
  • Electrostatic Discharge Belts for all Operators.