Injection Moulding Shop is an integrated manufacturing plant, offering complete services for commercial production of all types of plastic components.

Having latest injection Moulding machines with a complete range of capacity (60T to 1800T) 60T, 90T, 120T, 150T, 160T, 200T, 210T, 250T, 280T, 350T, 450T, 600T, 850T, 1000T, 1100T, 1800T.

Having robotic removal of moulded product in the 1800 T machine. Having Gas injection unit, hot runner controller, mould temperature controllers, chillers of best quality to improve quality and productivity. 

Having Good Tool room facilities for mould rectifications & modifications. Production planning and consistent quality control at all the stages, considered to be of utmost importance in sustaining business success. Experienced engineers, skilled craftsmanship & latest machineries.